Shipping & Handling

We care about your order and always make sure we get it processed as soon as possible! To help us process your order lighting fast, we have integrated a system in which your order is automatically sent to the closest and most stocked manufacturer/warehouse that is nearest to the United States.


All orders come with Free Shipping via ePacket if they are coming from out of the country, otherwise they will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Orders over $100 will have whatever items that are available in the United states shipped to them immediately, and the rest will come from the designated manufacturers via ePacket.

  • Most orders are shipped the same day as long as they are placed before 3:00 PM Eastern Time.
  • Since 90% of the orders are coming from out of the country, shipping may be slightly delayed. Most packages show up in as little as 7-10 days via ePacket, while others can take between 20-25 days. Manufacturers tend to have delayed shipping times ONLY when they are located in a rural area. If they do not have a main shipping port/hub in their area, the package must make its way to one before departing the country. A good amount of manufacturers specifically move their business to be located directly near a main shipping hub, so their packages are able to speed through the process.
  • To help combat the shipping times, we are always negotiating lower prices from our manufacturers/suppliers, so we pass these savings onto you and make it worth the wait! :)


If you would like to place an order and you do not live in the United States, you will be responsible for paying your Taxes and/or Duty's when the product does arrive (if any are applicable). Shipping cost will depend on the cost to ship the item from the manufacturer.
We know that sometimes it is difficult to tell what something is exactly from the pictures on the website, so if you receive an item that is not what you expected, we will gladly refund you after we have received the item back at our warehouse.

We do this to for tax purposes every quarter as well as to keep track of what items to keep on the store and what items to not keep on the store. If we have a lot of returns on a specific item, it gets taken off the store immediately or we will specifically state the common problems for a return on the product page so other buyers can be aware, but typically we just get rid of the product entirely.

For more info on refunds, click here.

IF YOU RECEIVE SOMETHING THAT IS BROKEN, THAT IS ALSO OKAY (Well, not okay, but you won't have to argue with us to get a refund!)

We NEVER get irritated or tired of hearing from our customers, so PLEASE get in contact with us immediately if you receive an item that is broken. Mistakes do happen and we try to make sure they are minimized as much as possible by maintaining good packaging standards throughout our manufacturers/suppliers warehouses. You guys are the most important part of our business, and we will do whatever necessary to make sure you see that.

You can also find more information on returning broken items via the same link as above, or by clicking here.


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